They say that we, Greeks, are unruly.

They say that Greeks do not follow the rules.

And yet, the last few days have refuted all those who say that. The last few days show that the Greeks, when confronted with an enemy (or even two) and have a leadership they trust, they follow the rules and are disciplined.

And even if a small minority remains unruly and exposes everyone else, the measures taken to deal with it are not only not annoying to the majority, but overridden.

In fact, the swift action taken and the sudden, for many, discipline by the citizens have impressed many abroad. Big news agencies such as the Assosiated Press and newspapers like the New York Times are making extensive articles and, finally, our country is being discussed about something extremely positive!

It is considered a SAFE COUNTRY with serious citizens and a serious Government. 

As a minimum tribute to the vast majority of Greeks, who from the beginning #remained_home, the following photos from Athens, a day BEFORE THE ANNOUNCEMENT of the traffic ban!

(All photos were taken by